Why vegetarian : It's Peace, Noble, Health, Compassion, Economy, Ecology [中文]

Video clips:
The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress
Bountiful Vegan: Interview with Intention Cookie Creators Terry & Mary
How I Became Veg - Inspirational Real Life Stories
Save The Human! "Don't Eat The Planet"
Christine Vardaros - World-Class Vegan Cyclocross Racer
Making the Connection
"Forks Over Knives" : The Power of Good Health Is In Your Hands
I Am Mercy For Animals
The Queen of Lohas, Long Kuan
Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet
Planning for the Planet's Future: IPCC Session in Bali
Howard Lyman: I can't do everything. But I can do everything that I can do.
IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri: Children and Climate Change
Balanced Life, Peaceful World: A Discussion with Wushu and Qigong Master Lee Feng-San
Interview with Dr. James Hansen, Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Dr. Stephen Schneider on Climate Change, 2009.11.08
Dr. Stephen Schneider on Climate Change, 2009.08.15
The 2009 World Water Week Conference: Preserve Our Precious Water Resources
IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri: Greetings to Taiwan
Meat and Global Warming: Uncovering Truths to Save the Planet(full report)
Protect Our Home with L.O.V.E. October 11, 2009 Taichung, Formosa
Vegan: The Fastest Way to a Cooler Planet(full report)
Dr. T. Colin Campbell: contribution of livestock production to global warming is more than 60%
PBL: Climate benefits of changing diet
Vegan diet can reduce food carbon footprint by up to 94% (source)
Professor Barry Brook: CH4 traps at least 72 times more heat than CO2 (Science magazine article, IPCC AR4 p.212)
Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri-Global Warning: The Impact of Meat Production and Consumption on Climate Change
Climate Change - Expert Perspectives from Taiwan
Interview with Dr. Kirk Smith, Professor of Global Environmental Health at UC Berkeley
Dr. Art-ong: Global warming will create a lot of earthquakes and big tsunamis
Dr. Ashok Khosla: Whether that is right or fair to my fellow humans?
Devour the Earth
Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please Wake Up! & Please Don't Go
An Urgent Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai
Meat.org: The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See
Stop Animal Cruelty : Cows, Poultry, Pigs, Turkeys, Lamb/Sheep
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Caldwell Esselstyn, MD
Lovin' Life & Basketball:1-on-1 with Vegan NBA Champ John Salley
James Donaldson: NBA All-Star Athlete
Climate Change International Conference - West Hollywood, CA, USA July 26, 2008-07
James Hansen: vegetarian diet is the most helpful thing to brake global warming
Win Win Situation for the Planet
Pachauri: Go Veg. Be Green. And Save Our Planet.
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri,Chief of UN IPCC on a Win-Win Situation for the Planet: Go Vegetarian!
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri - A Man on a Mission to Save the Planet
Mr. Lin Hung-Rui, President of suiis, speech on care-free vegetarian
Karin Ridgers - Founder of Veggie Vision
"Meat the Truth": London Premiere
A Case for the World Peace Diet with Vegan Author Dr. Will Tuttle
Celebrities for the Animals
Go Veg to solve water and food shortage
Go Veg making Earth become Heaven
Leaders, Go Veg
Ten reasons to go vegetarian
Goverment, Media, Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet
Rebroadcast of Live Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by East Coast FM Radio Aug 31,2008 Dublin, Ireland
A Noble Goal & Change of Heart Can Save the Planet
Bringing Greater Comfort and Sustainability to Our Planet
Go Veg. Be Green. Do Good.
Have a Positive Vision and Attitude
Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition
2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do? Seminar
Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World - London Conference
Eden on Earth through Vegetarianism
Save the Animals, Save Our Planet Part 1
Save the Animals, Save Our Planet Part 2
A Discussion With Supreme Master Ching Hai on Global Climate Change
Supreme Master Ching Hai on Climate Change: The Solution
Climate Change: A Global Issue Requiring A Global Response
Supreme Master Ching Hai on Climate Change Part 1
Got the Facts on Milk? An Interview with the Filmmakers of the Milk Documentary
Cute animation: Alternative Living
Words of a Piglet
Top 10 Ways to Save Our Planet
Go Veg for Earth
Go Veg for Ourselves
Vegetarian let you feel Good

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